This page provides help for frequently asked questions about ReProvision Reborn.

Can’t Jailbreak with unc0ver

If you are unable to jailbreak an unc0ver signed with ReProvision Reborn due to entitlements issues, please try the following in sequence.

  1. Revoke All Certificates (from Troubleshooting tab on ReProvision Reborn)
  2. Uninstall unc0ver completely
  3. Login with another Apple ID
  4. Install unc0ver from IPA file

If you still can’t jailbreak with unc0ver, it may be a problem with unc0ver itself.
No help is provided in this case.

No valid PKCS12

Revoke all certificates from Troubleshooting tab on ReProvision Reborn.

Maximum App ID

App ID is the ID for each sideloaded application, issued by Apple’s servers.
With a free account, you can only register up to 10 per 7 days.
This limit is on a per-account basis.
After a week, it will automatically expire and you can install a new app.

There is no way to bypass this limit.

Can’t sign AltStore with ReProvision Reborn

It is a specification.
You can use AltStore or ReProvision Reborn whichever you prefer.

Can’t install ReProvision Reborn

If you have installed the original ReProvision, please uninstall it first.
Also, please do not install ReProvision Reborn from any source other than the official repositories.

Incorrect entitlements for this application

This is likely caused by ReProvision not supporting a capability this application needs.

Could not launch apps signed with ReProvision

This usually occurs when the certificate has been revoked. Revokes occur mainly in the following situations.

  1. The certificate has been revoked by Apple.
  2. The certificate has been revoked by other software.

Please note that you cannot use ReProvision with other apps to resign apps.
If you use them with same Apple ID, the certificate of the last app used for signing will overwrite the certificate of the app used for signing before that.

By default, ReProvision allows you to switch other certificates to ReProvision certificates.

If for some reason you do not wish ReProvision to overwrite your AltStore certificate, go to Settings, select Advanced and turn off Force Re-sign.

No background signing

Automatic background signing may fail sometimes.
This is usually caused by the background daemon not running.

To resolve this, try re-installing ReProvision to kickstart the daemon, and ensure that you’ve not disabled it via iCleaner Pro.


This error may occur when ReProvision attempts to create an IPA for an application.

To resolve, simply try again another time.

Could not extract archive

This error may occur when an IPA is signed, but not repackaged correctly.

To resolve, simply try again another time.

ReProvision Reborn keeps running in background

Starting with v0.8.1, ReProvision Reborn will continue to run in the background to re-sign without unlocking.

It is unlikely that this will have an impact on the battery, but we are considering adding an option to change this behaviour via a switch.

(At least on my device, it only used about 1% of the battery. It’s possible that other tweaks could be doing the wrong thing, though, so it’s just a matter of device.)

Other issues

Report it on Github (Do not make duplicated issues)